Iluminación Herrera, Inc.

Established in early 2019, Iluminación Herrera, Inc. (ee-loo-mee-nah-syohn) a Lighting Control Equipment Rentals company is owned and operated by Iván (ee-bahn), a Lighting Programmer in the Motion Picture Industry.


The love of lighting for entertainment began at a young age for Iván, where his first inventory of lighting fixtures were cheap color disco balls and strobes to help put on shows on his parents’ porch with the neighborhood kids.

Having had to work for his inventory at a young age, the pride and respect for what one works for has well instilled pride in ownership which translates to a well maintained and clean inventory.

Iván began working in the motion picture industry shortly after college in different capacities in the Set Lighting department. Finding his niche in lighting control as a Lighting Programmer, he has established Iluminación Herrera, Inc. to serve the needs of having a reliable network for lighting control for the many productions we our proud to help bring to life.